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Play As Metallia In The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition

Lost Dimension Being Localized By ATLUS & NIS America

Played the Japanese demo a long while ago, and it was fun. In North America it will be published by ATLUS and in Europe by NIS America. The game will retail for $39,99 for both Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita


Tears to Tiara II Coming To U.S. And Europe Courtesy Of NIS America And ATLUS

The game will cost $39.99, and will be released in North America October 14th while it will be released November 11th in Europe.

Here’s the opening movie.

Fairy Fencer F Will Be Localized This Fall!

Ah. And now all is right with the World lol. NIS America (NISA) announced recently at their event that they will be localizing Fairy Fencer F this Fall. I am very excited and have been waiting for this announcement. The games concept art was done by Yoshitaka Amano, the character design by Neptunia artist Tsunako, and music done by Nobou Uematsu. If you have a Japanese PS3 account, you can try out the demo. This game looks absolutely beautiful, and I cannot wait to have it in my hands this Fall =^_^=

Fairy Fencer F Wallpaper

Demon Gaze Localization This April!

NISA is on a roll! Demon Gaze will be localized and released in April this year. I already have my collector’s edition pre-ordered and waiting =^_^=

This May Mugen Souls Z Will Be On Its Way

NISA will be localizing it in the West this May. Here, have a trailer =)

Demon Gaze Confirmed For North America And Europe!

NISA recently annoucend at the Japan Expo that Demon Gaze is going to be localized in North America and Europe early 2014. In Demon Gaze you seal demons and then can summon them in battle. Demon Gaze is a Playstation Vita title and will cost $39.99 in both North America and Europe.