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No I’m Not Dead And Have An Important Announcement

Bitchute Licking
Alright then. Figured I’d do this sooner than later.
Because of the whole issue going on with YouTube (LOOK IT UP. IT’S IMPORTANT AND AFFECTS MANY), I myself am moving to BitChute along with many others. This time around things will be different though.
I will NOT be uploading any music to my BitChute channel. It will be just for gaming, anime stuff, and announcements. While there may be music related announcements, no tracks will actually be uploaded there. Both Soundcloud and Bandcamp will still be the homes for my music.
The visual quality of the videos on BitChute arent the best right now as it’s still in development and needs an upgraded player, but they did say they are working on it and plan to release one in the near future.
YouTube’s new policies make it an unsafe platform for those who create content as you can loose your channel (They can delete you anytime for any reason they like pretty much), Google account, and possibly be heavily fined. The government and FTC have a hand in this whole operation and come this December is when the new terms and policies go into full effect.
With that said, I’m starting from scratch on BitChute and it will suck for a while, but I’d rather have a place to post the content that “I” (and others) like then not have a choice at all and make everything “kid friendly” (Which is not limited to any one genre or type of contents) like YouTube wants.
For those who like my visual content, thank you, and bare with me as BitChute should get better with time. I will provide all my main links below for those who want them:

Azure Will Die More Than Twice

I started playing Sekiro lol. Enjoy the first episode:

Anime Of The Week 10/24 – 10/26…….. Akame Ga Kill Ep 17 (Extreme Sadness Edition) * WARNING: MASSIVE SPOILER A”HEAD” * I Apologize In Advance. Lol

As sad as I am to post this, ironically it fits the horror side of Halloween. I was tempted to just post it up as is, but in keeping the pattern of being spoiler free……. WARNING: MASSIVE SPOILER A”HEAD”:



Anime Of The Week 5/3 – 5/5…….. Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) Ep 5

Yet again Attack On Titan doesn’t fail to impress this week. WARNING: MASSIVE SPOILERS INSIDE!!! (more…)

Anime Of The Week 2/8 – 2/10…….. Robotics;Notes Ep 16

This week Robotics;Notes takes Anime Of The Week alone. WARNING: Spoilers Ahead (more…)

R.I.P. (Hentai Site Update!)

So yeah, I’m sorry to announce that the EpiclyAmazingHentai will not be coming back. They refuse to give it back because they said it “promotes illegal downloads of media” even though I had it running for about a year lol. I was just like blah, this sucks.

I miss my hentai site already because it was fun to post on, but this also means that I will have more time just to work on EpiclyAmazing as well so its not all bad lol. This doesn’t mean they’ve won though! I may start another site using a different backer other than WordPress, but for now I guess I will take a break on hentai until that happens.

Posts will resume normally so don’t worry about that, and I may actually get to those video game reviews now =P.

It was fun, but for now rest in peace hentai site, rest in peace.

Sorry, but pic was too funny not to use lol