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Summon Night 5 English Trailer / Summon Night 6 Main Characters


Summon night 5 was originally released on the PSP a few years ago and never received an English release. After it was proven there was enough interest in the game Gaijinworks decided it was time for it to happen. This release of Summon Night 5 includes the original PSP game as well as a code that will let you download the game digitally to be able to play it on the Vita as well. Additionally, Bandai Namco announced that Summon Night 6 is in the works, and is being made for the Playstation 4 and the Playstation Vita. An English version of Summon Night 6 will probably depend on the sales of Summon Night 5, and how it is received. The pre-orders will be available until September 7th so if you like the Summon Night series you can still pre-order Summon Night 5 here on their site:

Pre-Order Summon Night 5

The physical version of the Summon Night 5 LE will  be released soon, and here is the English gameplay trailer for it.

Here are the Summon Night 6 main characters:

Summon Night 6 Male Protagonist

Summon Night 6 Male Protag

Summon Night 6 Female Protagonist

Summon Night 6 Female Protag

Ushiro: The Displeased Death God

Announced back in 2008 from Level-5, the PSP horror game was canceled and instead is getting turned into a light visual novel. I really would’ve liked to play this though. It looks really good and unique.

STUFF / What I’m Currently Playing And Going To Be Playing Soon (End of May / June 2014)

Just wanted to leave an update on a few things.


  • Dark Souls 2 Review – Finished, and have to type it up.
  • Senran Kagura: Burst Review – Also finished, and just have to type it up.

Now for the games:


  • Currently playing FATE/EXTRA (PSP Game) which I’m half way through.
  • Conception II is next on the list to be played
  • After Conception II its on to Demon Gaze

PS3: Ugh. Kinda backlogged on the PS3 lol, but here’s what I’m playing on it at the moment. No real kind of order for the PS3 games by the way lol:

  • Drakengard 3 (Going to finish the rest of the games on the list and get to this as soon as I can. D3 was my most anticipated game for the year so far, and I wanna play it dammit =P)
  • Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII (In progress, but towards the end of the game)
  • Killer Is Dead (Yeah….. I’m gonna beat this one soon and get it out of the way. This one has been backlogged way too long lol)
  • Tales Of Graces F (Don’t look at me like that. I know this should’ve been done already lol)
  • Akiba’s Trip (Have this one pre-ordered, and looking forward to playing it in all its awesomeness lol)
  • Time and Eternity (Yup, finally going to open it up and play it. Don’t let the other reviews influence you by the way. I’ve talked to quite a few people because I wanted to be sure, and some say that it’s not super horrible as some say it is)


  • Pretty much just playing FFXIV: A Realm Reborn (This is what takes up most of my time by the way lol)
  • Blade & Soul (Whenever the Hell it gets localized lol)
  • Black Desert (They are already looking for an Eastern publisher for it so it shouldn’t take too long to be localized. Black Desert will be at E3 this year)


  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (I also play it on PS4 too)
  • N
  • Other than FFXIV………
  • T
  • H
  • I guess Destiny, but that’s not till this Fall
  • N
  • G

3DS: Eh.

  • Bravely Default (But in no rush to really play it. Not that it’s not a good game, but just feel eh right now about it lol)


And there you have it. Lots of stuff lol. Regular posts will continue as well =)

Fate/Extra Price Drop On PSN

Just wanted to let you all know that Fate/Extra as dropped in price on the PSN. Once $14.99 is now $9.99. I have the Limited Edition sitting on my shelf, but didn’t actually play it because it’s originally for the PSP. The downloaded version is playable on both the PSP and Vita. I picked it up yesterday because that price was a steal and now I can enjoy it to the fullest on my Vita. Caster here I come lol =^_^=

Fate Extra Caster CCC Mega Kawaiiii HD Render copy

Check Out The Animation And Gameplay In Akiba’s Trip 2

I forget if I’ve posted about this series on my site before, but Akiba’s Trip (Can also be seen as Akiba Strip) is a game where you defeat vampires blending in with the community by striping their clothes off. Yes, you strip the clothes off of both male and female vampires in order to expose them to sunlight thus killing them lol. I for one am hoping this wacky adventure gets localized somehow, even it’s only a digital download. Akiba’s Trip was originally for the PSP while Akiba’s Trip 2 is for the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita.

Black Rock Shooter The Game Review

Black Rock Shooter The Game Key Art

Black Rock Shooter The Game was a refreshing experience as the battle system was unique and the entire tone of the game just seemed different from others.

The controls in the game are very simplistic. O is dodge, X is guard, square is to shoot, and a combination of  holding down the R button and pressing triangle, square, circle, or X will activate special skills. Using items during battle is done the same way, but by holding down the L button and selecting and item with X. Battles in the game are plentiful so you will have a lot of time to get the system down. While most of the enemies have the same model  in the game, they vary from color to color and some may be faster or slower. To me the most annoying enemies in the game are the projectile ones, especially the Vespids.

The story of BRS The Game is good, and I liked it better than the anime. Yes, as depressing and messed up the anime was, I sat through the whole series and enjoyed it for the most part lol. Anyway, apparently there are only 12 human beings left on Earth and waking up Black Rock Shooter is there only hope to survive and fend off the aliens who have completely destroyed the planet and all life on earth. That’s all I’m going to say on the story because I want you to experience and enjoy it for yourself if you decide to play it. Obviously they do succeed in waking BRS though lol

The boss fights in the game are extremely fun in my opinion, and the music that goes along with them is awesome too. Each main boss has their own set of moves, and their character design is great (Thank you Huke lol), and not to mention that each of their personalities are awesome too. Boss fights are where I had the most fun in the game. Especially the final battle, but you’ll see what I mean when you get there lol. In no way are these bosses pushovers either. If you don’t time your dodges and use you r skills wisely, you’ll be dead before you know it.

I loved this game very much and it was well worth the buy. The game is $19.99, and can be downloaded on the PSN. Its’ a shame that we didn’t get the Premium White Box localized, but I’m happy with being able to play the game nonetheless. Besides, I already imported the Japanese Premium White Box sitting on my shelf (Had to brag) lol. If you are looking for a good way to spend $20 bucks and like Black Rock Shooter, then don’t be afraid to pick this up. I give Black Rock Shooter The Game a 5 our of 5 because it was a great experience.

Black Rock Shooter: The Game Background And Header Change

Yeah, I decided to change the site a bit again because I’m currently playing Black Rock Shooter: The Game on my Vita and loving every moment of it. The game is honestly freakin cool. Definitely going to do a review after I finish playing it =^_^=


Black Rock Shooter The Game Out On PSN Now!

In case you didn’t know, Black Rock Shooter The Game is out now on the PSN and available for download. The game costs $19.99 and is compatible with the Vita.

Black Rock Shooter X White Rock Shooter

Soul Sacrifice Trailer Shows Off New Features

This trailer shows off the multiplayer and customization in game.

7th Dragon 2020-II Idol’s Deadly Concert

This trailer highlights the Idol class in battle, and shows what they can do. Why wont this come outside of Japan, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?

Check Out Saber In Fate/Extra CCC Trailer

Ah Saber, so beautiful in her wedding attire. =^_^=

Check Out Meltlilis In Fate/Extra CCC Trailer

It’s insane how small that crotch plate is, and even more insane that they made it work so great lol.

Check Out Passion Lip In Fate/Extra CCC Trailer

I don’t think I’d mind being hugged by Passion Lip. Mmmmmmm =^_^=

Check Out Fate/Extra CCC’s Opening

Here’s a look at the opening for Fate/Extra CCC animated by studio SHAFT. Studio SHAFT is one of my favorites. They are responsible for doing series such as Bakemonogatari, etc., etc. lol

Check Out Caster In Fate/Extra CCC Trailer

That music, that voice, that look, and that rac…….er I mean……..crap. Don’t look at me like that. Yeah, caster is still my favorite =^_^=

God Eater 2 TGS 2012 Trailer

God Eater 2 looking as good as ever in its TGS trailer. The first one got localized so there is hope for this one to be as well.

Busou Shinki PV

* I watched the OVA to this series and I must say that had fun watching it, looking forward to

* Srry for the quality on this one, its the only PV trailer for the anime I could find

Here is the trailer for the PSP game so you can see what it is like. I don’t know if the anime series will have all the characters that the game does though.

Fate/Extra CCC Trailer

I really hope this one makes it over just as the first one did, and the Virgin White Box makes it over as well. If not then I WILL be importing my virgin…… White Box, yeah……. Virgin White Box =P

Sol Trigger’s Battle System

Here is a quick look at Sol Trigger’s battle system in action. “Sigh”, I really hope they make a localization announcement soon, and that it’ll be playable on the VIta.

Sol Trigger Opening

Imageepoch would be crazy not to localize Sol Trigger! Here’s to hoping it does!

Shining Hearts ~Shiawase no Pan~ PV

Anime adaption of the Shining Hearts game for PSP.

Wikipedia: Shining Hearts ~Shiawase no Pan~

Bakemonogatari Portable

Even in PSP form, it still looks amazing. =^_^=

Sol Trigger Is Imageepoch’s New Game!

Sol Trigger’s theme is pretty much about freedom. Young men and women fight for their survival everyday in the world of Sol Trigger. Sol is the power of one’s soul and is pretty much used to use skills in battle, and Sol Arms are the weapons each person uses and differ in ability and skills you can unlock in the game.

The main character Farrell, the next candidate for becoming the next Sol Trigger, has a “Golden Sol” and uses a sword as his Sol Arm.

Emma is Farrell’s childhood friend and she uses a gun as her Sol Arm.

Walter uses a scythe as his Sol Arm, and is out for revenge for his friend who was killed by the church.

I also have the very first trailer for the game down below. There is one more character in the trailer, the aqua bluish-green haired girl, and the main character seems to have his ARMS full with her already (See what I did there) lol.

Sol Trigger comes out in Japan this summer, but I do hope that it will get a localization date soon in the future.

Shining Blade Trailer!

Another good looking game that needs to get localized. “Sigh”