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A Few Announcements! [STICKY POST]

So it’s now 2016, and I want to add a few new things to make my site more interesting. So I thought up a few things that I I’m going to do:

  • Anime Of The Week will make a comeback
  • The addition of “Best Ending Ever” (Basically at the end of each anime season I’ll be posting pics of my favorite endings probably with some funny comment or something)
  • Gameplay Videos *With and without commentary* (I plan to do more gameplay videos since I have plenty of games to do so with. Boy will this be fun lol)
  • More video game Reviews/Overviews (Most will probably be Overviews since my backlog is very long lol)
  • Last but not least the reason I haven’t been posting music much here is because I have Soundcloud, YouTube, and Bandcamp for that. In case anyone was wondering.

So there you have it. I’m going to try to make this year fun on Epicly Amazing, and hopefully many more to come as well.

Infamous Second Son & Killer Is Dead Reviews

Over the weekend I finally beat Killer Is Dead, and a friend and I beat Infamous Second Son. These two reviews will be short and quick because honestly that’s all these games really need. Feel free to comment and ask any other questions if needed.

First off is Infamous Second Son.

GAMEPLAY – 10 Out Of 10 – The gameplay was well done and combat was fast and fluent, but the one flaw is the camera made it difficult to see things sometimes as it took weird angles every now and then.

GRAPHICS – 10 Out Of 10 – The game was very beautiful looking. So good job to them on that.

CONTROLS – 10 Out Of 10 – I had no problem with the controls. Infamous S.S. used all aspects of the controller from sound to touch pad and it wasn’t a problem at all.

STORY – 10 Out Of 10 – Now this is the big one. A 10 for the story because I enjoyed it a lot. The story in this one was much better than the others, and I believe it’s the fact that my motivation in the story felt extremely personal from the very beginning of the game. Another thing I should note is that while some may not agree, becoming Infamous on the moral scale is much more rewarding than than being good. In the other games it seemed like they geared you into being good, but in this one taking the evil route feels right when going through the game. So that’s exactly what my friend and I did.

REPLAY VALUE – 5 Out Of 10 – I don’t really see a point into playing it over again unless you want to take the moral route that you didn’t take first time around, but the powers don’t really seem all that different for the most part. Some conversations and events will play out a bit differently too, but in the end they don’t make THAT much of a difference.

Now on to Killer Is Dead.

GAMEPLAY – 8 Out Of 10 – Combat was very fast paced and full of action, but there didn’t really seem to be any real combos in the game for the most part. Nothing wrong with hacking and slashing away, but in a game like this I just wanted more combos lol.

GRAPHICS – 8 Out Of 10 – Not the best graphics in the world, but you have to remember that this is a Suda game (Suda 51, producer) and it’s supposed to be weird and unique in it’s own style. I enjoyed the graphics either way even if it wasn’t a Suda game.

CONTROLS – 10 Out Of 10 – The controls felt fine so no real complaints here. They were easy to remember and execute when moving around and in combat.

STORY – 5 Out Of 10 –  There was a story somewhere in the game, but it was a little hard to follow at times. Basically the gist of it is that the main problem of all the happenings in the game is a guy named David. At the end of the day the name David and Dark Side Of The Moon” are the only things you need to remember. Or you can do the latter and not care about the story, and just play through it destroying everything in your way until the sum everything up towards the end lol

REPLAY VALUE – 2 Out Of 10 – Two out of 10 only because there are some unlocks once you beat the game for the first time, and you may want to beat the game on another difficulty setting.

Final Thoughts

Infamous Second Son was pretty bad ass and a lot of fun to go through and overall I give it an 8 out of 10. As one of the few PS4 games out there right now, I’d pick it up and give it a go.

While fun and unique Killer Is Dead could’ve done better with the story. It kind of makes me feel bad that such great characters went to waste as the game didn’t really pull out their full potential. I liked our characters in the game and would like to see more of them in another game with a better story.

STUFF / What I’m Currently Playing And Going To Be Playing Soon (End of May / June 2014)

Just wanted to leave an update on a few things.


  • Dark Souls 2 Review – Finished, and have to type it up.
  • Senran Kagura: Burst Review – Also finished, and just have to type it up.

Now for the games:


  • Currently playing FATE/EXTRA (PSP Game) which I’m half way through.
  • Conception II is next on the list to be played
  • After Conception II its on to Demon Gaze

PS3: Ugh. Kinda backlogged on the PS3 lol, but here’s what I’m playing on it at the moment. No real kind of order for the PS3 games by the way lol:

  • Drakengard 3 (Going to finish the rest of the games on the list and get to this as soon as I can. D3 was my most anticipated game for the year so far, and I wanna play it dammit =P)
  • Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII (In progress, but towards the end of the game)
  • Killer Is Dead (Yeah….. I’m gonna beat this one soon and get it out of the way. This one has been backlogged way too long lol)
  • Tales Of Graces F (Don’t look at me like that. I know this should’ve been done already lol)
  • Akiba’s Trip (Have this one pre-ordered, and looking forward to playing it in all its awesomeness lol)
  • Time and Eternity (Yup, finally going to open it up and play it. Don’t let the other reviews influence you by the way. I’ve talked to quite a few people because I wanted to be sure, and some say that it’s not super horrible as some say it is)


  • Pretty much just playing FFXIV: A Realm Reborn (This is what takes up most of my time by the way lol)
  • Blade & Soul (Whenever the Hell it gets localized lol)
  • Black Desert (They are already looking for an Eastern publisher for it so it shouldn’t take too long to be localized. Black Desert will be at E3 this year)


  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (I also play it on PS4 too)
  • N
  • Other than FFXIV………
  • T
  • H
  • I guess Destiny, but that’s not till this Fall
  • N
  • G

3DS: Eh.

  • Bravely Default (But in no rush to really play it. Not that it’s not a good game, but just feel eh right now about it lol)


And there you have it. Lots of stuff lol. Regular posts will continue as well =)

Dark Souls 2 Has Been Vanquished!

Take that Dark Souls 2. After all the bosses, trial and error, and death; victory is mine lol. DS2 is basically all I did this weekend =P. Like the other “Souls” games, I’m gonna have to post a review. I actually have a few reviews in the works as I’ve beaten a few games lately so those will be out too.

I Beat DMC (Devil May Cry) Yesterday. (Yes The New One)

So I took a break from working on stuff to play and beat the newest Devil May Cry game since its free on PSN for those who have Playstation Plus. So there will be a review on that soon.

Also yes, my Winter 2014 anime picks are still coming out this weekend.

dmc-2012-1wallpaper-2 dmc-devil-may-cry-reboot-new-character-kat

Resident Evil Revelations Review


In Resident Evil Revelations you mainly play as Jill Valentine, Resident Evil’s poster girl lol. I say mainly because throughout the game you also play as other people of lesser importance that no one has ever seen in the series until now, well besides Chris that is lol.

The setting of the game is mostly on the Queen Zenobia, a ship that has been dead in the water for quite a while. This setting works very well because it give the sense and feel that you have no where to go because there is nothing but endless sea in all directions. The controls in the game are exactly the same as in previous games so they are easy to get a hold of, and you have the option of changing the control style in the options menu if you like. Your A.I. partner handles very well this time around too. No more game overs every two seconds because your A.I. partner can’t get their act together lol. In Resident Evil Revelations THERE IS NO CO-OP FOR CAMPAIGN MODE, however this does not make the game any less enjoyable at all. Sorry for the caps, but I had to clarify that in case some were wondering. RAID MODE is available for those who want to play with others online. While in Raid Mode you play the same levels as in the Campaign, but there is no story progression. This is why I mentioned the A.I. partner being very good, because throughout the game they will be one you will be with the whole time.

Now I bet you’re wondering if I actually liked the game or not, and that answer is yes. There is only one gripe I have with the game, and that is the dodge system. In Revelations the only time you can dodge is when enemies are in mid attack. You might be thinking that this sounds legit, but it’s not. Trust me lol. Dodging is performed by pressing either up or down on the left control stick and the X button (PS3). This simple button combination can mean the difference between life and death. While ironically I didn’t die that much in the game, I’ve already established that I suck at dodging in it lol.

Overall if you’re ok with there being no Campaign co-op, then give the game a go. I actually liked Revelations a little more that RE6, and hope they continue to make future Resident Evil games like this one. Except for without the dodge system that is. AzureNova gives Resident Evil Revelations a 4 out of 5 because I suck at dodging lol.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengance Review

So I think reviews will come out on Saturdays (When I have any reviews that is) from now on lol.

Metal Gear Rising Revengence logo

I’m going to keep this one short. From the makers of Bayonetta and Vanquish comes their latest project, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Over the years I have played quite a few Metal Gear games, but none have compared to the fun I had while playing Rising. The action swift and faced paced, enemies give you a good challenge, areas that looked nice and felt different, voice acting and character personalities great, a good story, boss fights and music were awesome, and a final boss fight (Cut scenes and all) that was just so very entertaining it made me laugh a few times.

I mean seriously what do you expect? It was developed by Platinum Games after all. I have been a fan of Platinum for a while now and they haven’t let me down yet. Go grab yourself a copy of Metal Gear Rising and cut your way to victory and awesomeness.

Ni No Kuni & Metal Gear Rising Review Update!

So both games have been beaten. I actually beat Ni No Kuni about two weeks ago, but wanted to make sure most have played it before I put out a review as it may contain spoilers. Metal Gear Revengance got destroyed this past weekend. so a review will be out for that as well. Both will be out next week. ^_^

Gravity Rush Review!


If there’s one Vita game that stands out above the rest, it’s Gravity Rush. In terms of fun, innovation, story, graphics, and gameplay I believe it’s still the best Vita game at the moment.

Gravity Rush - Kat smile

During the game you play as Kat. She awakens and finds herself in a strange place and has no memory of who she is or where she came from. Through events that soon follow, Kat realizes she has the power to control gravity with the assistance of her pet cat which she names Dusty. Other characters start to appear as the story progresses and they are all likable with their own unique personalities and traits. I LOVE Kat by the way. She is one of my favorite main characters in terms of looks, personality, and attitude. Happy Kat, sad Kat, angry, Kat, scared/worried Kat, etc. are all lovable as you will see if you play the game.


The controls and game mechanics are cool as you use the control sticks, pad, front touch screen, rear touch pad, and even can tilt the Vita entirely to do some things. It may sound complicated, but it really isn’t. Once you start playing and get the hang of it, it feels normal.  Side missions are plentiful in game so you can take a break from the main story if you wish to complete those. Side missions also score you lots of extra gems that you need in order to level up Kat’s skills. In terms of length the game feels just right. Not too short, but not too long either. The ending to the game is very satisfying with most questions answered, and definitely leaves room for a part 2 sometime in the future.

Gravity Rush - Raven

Overall I give Gravity Rush 5 gold stars and tell you to go out and get it and play it if you haven’t already. You don’t know what you’re missing if you don’t and wont be displeased if you do. =^_^=

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Demo Review

Metal Gear Rising doesn’t come out until February 19th, but the demo is out and I have played it. So here’s a quick review.

When they said cut anything, they meant ANYTHING lol. You can pretty much do just that in Metal Gear Rising. Playing this demo was a breath of fresh air. The combat fluent, the controls simple, the characters and dialogue great, amazing graphics, and so much action. I’ve never had this much fun with a Metal Gear game.

You start off fighting a few enemies and getting used to the controls in real combat, and then move on to doing a little more complex things as the situations change. The pace of the game felt great as I wasn’t fighting the same enemies for too long. After moving through the stage I get to what I though was the end of the demo after a cut scene, and then I fight a boss. YES, you actually get to fight a boss at the end of the area, and damn was that fun.

Metal Gear Rising is going to be a fun action game that I’m sure people will love. Don’t believe me? Check out the demo for yourself as it’s out now. February 19th is a date to look forward to.

Dead Or Alive 5 Review

Can you say best fighting game of the year? Because I can. Team Ninja has truly outdone themselves this time with their latest installment in the series, and I’m proud to say that I’m a Fighter lol.

Playing through Dead Or Alive 5 was an extremely pleasant experience. The story continues from where DOA4 left off with Kasumi pursuing Alpha152 to put and end to her. This time around however Team Ninja changed how story mode works with you playing as different characters throughout  the journey of the main story. I really liked this change as it made me feel as if I were in a giant action movie seeing things from every angle.

As most of you may know, Dead Or Alive 4 was an Xbox 360 exclusive title, but the controls are exactly the same and had the same feel to them even though this time around I was playing with the PS3 controller. All of the sustaining characters still have all of their moves and the new characters moves are easy to pick up and get used to. After playing the DOA series on both consoles I can say that it feels right at home on the PS3.

With a nice collectors edition, a good story, and fluid gameplay on and offline; Dead Or Alive 5 is one game you will not want to miss out on this year.

Resident Evil 6 Review

I will start off by saying that Resident Evil 6 was the most fun and exciting time I’ve had with a Resident Evil game, and I have played pretty much all of them throughout the years. Resident Evil 6 is by far my favorite Resident Evil game.

There are four campaigns in RE6: Leon & Helena, Jake & Sherry, Chris & Piers, and last but not least Ada Wong’s campaign unlocks once you beat the three main campaigns. Depending on which campaign you pick depends on what kind of infected you run into at the beginning, but eventually you encounter all kinds as the story progresses. The first campaign I beat was Chris & Piers’s story although I started Jake & Sherry’s first lol. Picking this story had me mostly fighting against the infected that were semi smart which made use of guns and other weapons to hinder our progress. Jake & Sherry had me fighting against all kinds of weird and deformed creatures, and Leon & Helena was mostly fighting against your classic zombie that doesn’t mutate when you shoot them, but there are lots of them. The only reason why I did not play Ada’s story yet is because Capcom has already announced that there will be FREE DLC coming out for the game soon which will make Ada’s campaign multiplayer as it is currently only a solo story.

The controls are really simple to pick up so don’t worry about that. I felt right at home since I had played the previous Resident Evil 5. As you progress in the story of each campaign you come acquire new weapons that you get to keep for the rest of the game. Ammo is also plentiful especially if you have the proper skill equipped for enemies to drop items and things when they die. Yes, during the story you pick up skill points which you can then use at the end of each chapter OR at the main campaign menu to buy certain perks which aid you in your journey. This feature comes in handy especially when you are up against a multitude of enemies and have to mow them down lol.

As you might know you can play solo or play online with another person. I PLAYED EACH CAMPAIGN ENTIRELY WITH ANOTHER ACTUAL PERSON. Why the caps you ask? Because I wanted to make this point clear the that A.I. in the game, although better in this one, is still kinda stupid lol. The overall feeling of the game is better when you know that there is another human being helping you out hopefully capable of thinking correctly and making good decisions. I tried playing with the computer A.I. once and it just left me with this reaction again:

In conclusion the game is very good despite what certain reviews might say. The facts are also out there as well. RE6 is Capcom’s highest selling game at launch ever. It saw 380,000 pre-orders in Japan alone prior to release, In its first week sold 634,933 copies on the PS3 and 41,652 on the Xbox 360, and sold 4.5 million copies worldwide which set the record for the highest shipment for a Capcom game ever. Also you have my approval to go out and get it because its awesome lol.

I hope this helps you decide weather you want to give the game a chance or not if you haven’t gotten it already. Until next review, AzureNova out lol.

Upcoming Posts!

I’ve been doing quite a lot lately and the results have been awesome. These are some upcoming posts to look for coming within the week:

1. Resident Evil 6 Review

2. Fall 2012 Anime Picks (Highly Anticipated lol)

3. Code Of Princess Overview (Just bought it recently)

4. New manga I’m reading

5. Dead or Alive 5 Review

So there you have it. Just thought I should give a heads up for those major posts. Until then, see ya! =^_^=

Dead Or Alive 5 & Resident Evil 6

So yeah, I went and picked up those two games recently and will be playing them through soon. Well I already started playing DOA5 and let me tell you that it is great. Resident Evil 6 I have only played the demo for, but I did enjoy the demo very much. I’ve been looking forward to the two for a little while now and will do reviews when I finish playing them =)

Note* I am well aware of the Resident Evil 6 reviews already out there, but I ask that you all take my review into consideration as well from a household gamer just as you all. I promise I wont take too long with it, it IS an action, survival horror game after all lol

Persona 4: The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena Overview

Yes! I finally got myself together and wrote a review/overview. Its been a while, I know lol. =P

*Note that I have only played the game online so far and am just going over the combat*

Ah Persona. The Persona games have been one of my favorite series for as long as I can remember and Persona 4: Arena is no exclusion.
Now most people might think that P4A (Persona 4: Arena) is “just another fighting game”, but I can proudly tell you that is not the case. With both ATLUS and the BlazBlue team having worked on the game it is very fast paced and combat is very fluent. Connection status while playing online was extremely well done as the game syncs up both players connection before you start fighting so there is no lag, well at least not for me there hasn’t been.
Controls and combos are very easy to get down and execute for the most part, and each characters’ fighting styles are unique. Timing your moves in P4A is very crucial as well as it can mean victory or defeat depending on the situation you’re in or who you’re against. Persona 4: Arena has a unique feature during combat that I love where you pretty much have to fight your opponent or your character receives negative stats that hinder you in battle. Not that there is any room for cheesiness anyway, because none of the characters were really built for that for the most part. You can customize rooms for you and your friends to play in or just look for quick matches and dive right into the action.
The music in the game is awesome. It always amazes me how they come up with some of the music for the Persona games as it is fun to listen to and different. The music you hear during battle depends on the level you are fighting on.
Now cost wise some may say that $60 is still a bit much to pay just for a fighting game, BUT let me tell you this. I have owned and played many fighting games (Dead or Alive, Tekken, BlazBlue series, Marvel vs Capcom series, Darkstalkers, Guilty Gear series, Street Fighter series, etc…) most of which I played got bored of and traded back in. Persona however does things very right and I feel was worth it because of the amount of fun I am having with it. Even if you don’t necessarily like the Persona series, Persona 4: Arena is a good fighting game nonetheless and is worth a try =)

Upcoming Reviews and Overviews

As the title of this post states, I’ve got some reviews and overviews coming up. Games include, but are not limited too, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday, Catherine, Tales of Graces F, and Devil Survivor 2. These are some of the games I’ve recently started playing or that I’ve beaten not too long ago. It will take some time to get all of them done, but I will release each one at a steady pace hopefully lol.

Hydrophobia Review

Hydrophobia is a downloadable PSN game about finding your way out of an underwater colony which was flooded due to an incident created by terrorists. You play as Kate Wilson, an engineer caught in all the mishap trying to escape. The concept of Hydrophobia seemed fresh at the beginning, but then they kind of watered it down with the whole terrorist thing.

The graphics look pretty good for a PSN game and the water effects are very nice. As you open doors to different areas the water flows in like its supposed to and fills up the next room as well. This was very impressive to me because it actually made sense. I mean it IS water and should be able to travel around and flood the entirety of the colony which in turn adds to the danger. The main character on the other hand was not so impressive. Making an interesting and eye appealing main character should be key for any game. Kate was not. She was kinda boring and her attire wasn’t all that eye appealing either. I’m not asking her to run around in a skimpy 2 piece just because there’s lots of water in the game, but the developers could’ve done a little better to make me like her.

Throughout the game you pretty much just run from room to room, area to area flipping switches and hacking electronic doors to find your way out while being attacked by the terrorist group every now and then. This sequence of events gets kind of tedious and boring very fast and I found myself just wondering when the game would end. Speaking of ending things, the final boss of the game (The ONLY boss fight in the game) was unimpressive and predictable. So unimpressive that I don’t even want to get into it or the horrible ending.

Basically Hydrophobia wasn’t that good of a game and you can find better ways to spend your money on the PSN then sending it to a watery grave. If I had to rate it, Hydrophobia gets a drowning 2 out of 5 lol.

Time to Liven Things Up!

Ok, I know the site has been lackinga little recently, and I want to put a stop to that. With that said, I want to share with you the things that are coming soon:

  • Winter 2012 Anime List
  • Winter 2012 Anime PVs (I’ll post as many as I can find)
  • Anime Episode Of The Week
  • Games I’m Currently Playing (This is where a lot of my time goes as well besides anime lol)
  • Weekly Discussion (Yes I would like to hear your thoughts and ideas on things if you wish to)
  • Anime I Should Watch (If I haven’t seen it already, your suggestions for anime)
  • More Video Game Reviews (Good/Bad ones lol)

I am only one person who works on both sites (EpiclyAmazingHentai) so thank you for baring with me, and I appreciate all those who visit my sites and hope that you will continue to have a good time when you do. =^_^=

Dark Souls Review

The spiritual successor to Demon Souls, Dark Souls returns with all the harsh elements and dark atmosphere of the first one. For anyone who has played the first one, the controls are exactly the same so it won’t take you long to get the hang of the game a second time.

The graphics have gotten an upgrade and the environments are beautiful. Your eyes will be in such awe at the medieval wonderland, that you just might not notice that skeleton plunging his sword in your spine. Yes the skeletons have returned with new armor, weapons, and are a little less retarded this time around. Enemies in Dark Souls tend to band together to rob you of your dignity. Skeleton guards lob fire bombs at you as if they were as plentiful as air, and when you encounter them, poison rats attack you like there’s no tomorrow. As you traverse through levels you will learn that they take time and caution because danger is around every corner. Enemies aren’t the only things to watch out for. Narrow corridors, traps, falls, and pits all hinder you form obtaining you goal.

After you finally do make it through a level, you know what time it is. It’s boss time! Bosses are always supposed to be the hardest in the game, and that certainly is the case with Dark Souls. I don’t mean to spoil anything, but the third boss, The Capra Demon, needs to be mentioned. Basically the first 10 seconds of this battle will decide the outcome. As soon as the battle starts, your skills as a Dark Souls player are put on the line in an instant. Don’t worry, not all the boss battles are like this one. No, not at all. Some of the bosses just knock you off ledges constantly or squish you and kill you instantly, and that’s when I make this face:

Granted there are some bosses that are complete jokes as well. These battles are somewhat refreshing, but a little to easy. What I mean by this is if you die while fighting the Moonlight Butterfly, then you need to put the controller down and play a different game lol.

Dark Souls is a game which everyone should at least try. There are too many things to obtain and do in Dark Souls in the first play through so it has a high replay value as well. No matter how good you are at playing video games, you WILL die in Dark Souls. Even with it’s many hindrances I have never had so much fun dying and trying over and over again.

Reviews Coming Soon

If you thought I was just being lazy and haven’t posted in a while, you’re only half way right lol. In order to do reviews you have to actually analyze the things you want to review, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing, well mostly. Video game and Fall anime reviews coming soon. I know this post isn’t much after its been a while, so I give you these pics to go along with this statement. Thank you for being patient. =)