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EIRA: The Void Witch

They changed her name from Miul to Eira, but either way my excitement knows no bounds. Eira comes to Vindictus on April 30th! I can’t wait!

Persona 5’s Caroline & Justine

The good cop bad cop is strong with these two lol

Anime Of The Week 2/14 – 2/16…….. The Pilot’s Love Song Ep 7 & Kill La Kill Ep 18

Profound sadness =(. WARNING MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD  (more…)

Gunslinger Stratos 2

Gunslinger Stratos 1 & 2 are arcade games made by Square Enix in Japan that look really fun to play. I wish they get ported to consoles and somehow make it out of Japan one day =)

Here are a look at some of the characters as well:

Sakura Ayanokoji (Older Sister Of Sarah, 18)

Gunslinger Stratos 2 - Sakura Ayanokoji

Sarah Tendoji (Younger Sister of Sakura, 17)

Gunslinger Stratos 2 - Sarah Tendoji

Riccardo Martini (26)

Gunslinger Stratos 2 - Riccardo Martini

Tsukasa Suo (19)

Gunslinger Stratos 2 - Tsukasa Suo

Drakengard 3 Getting Localized Next Year In 2014!

Yes yes yes yes yes! It has been confirmed that Drakengard 3 will be localized in North America sometime next year in 2014! The game will be released for PS3 and will cost $49.99. Here’s the latest trailer with English subtitles to celebrate =^_^=

Anime Of The Week 5/10 – 5/12 (Late Edition)…….. To Aru Kagaku no Raigun S Ep 5, Henneko (Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko) Ep 5 & Attack On Titan Ep 6

Here’s last weeks Anime Of The Week as promised. I’ll keep descriptions short because late lol.

First we have Railgun S because Misaka meets Misaka, and boy was that something lol


Second Henneko gets a mention because the episode was funny, and the giant cat statue that grants wishes can only lead to trouble somehow.


Last but not least Attack On Titan again because we learn of Misaka’s past, and it wasn’t a pretty one.


Anime Of The Week 3/9 – 3/11…….. High School DxD Ep 10 & Nisemonogatari Ep 10

Yes, this week is another double episode pick and this weeks pics contain slight spoilers so click at your own risk lol. (more…)