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I Bidoof’d

I bidoofed

So it’s come to my realization that I forgot to do an Anime Of The Week last week. I apologize for that, and the slow week this week. Having to do school work again sukcs -_-. I’ll have posts up this weekend.

Slow News Week

With our current anime season underway there isn’t really much to say until we get closer to the Summer season, and the same kinda goes for video games too. There hasn’t been that much in terms of interesting video game news either, and I believe this is due to this years E3 coming up and more announcements will be made then.

Slow News Is Slow

There aren’t too many interesting things¬†going on in terms of news for anime and video games this week which leaves me with a lack of posts lol. Anime of the week will be out later today though.

Slow News Week

Not much going on for news this week. 2011 is pretty much over so maybe that’s why there hasn’t been anything too interesting. I’ll try my best to find some stuff this week though so hang tight.

Slow News Weekend

I’ve been looking, but can’t really find anything news worthy to tell about. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to bring you some good stuff. Goodnight everyone. =)