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Soul Sacrifice Demo Out On PSN Today!

For all those who have a Vita, don’t forget that the demo is out for Soul Sacrifice, the highly anticipated dark action RPG.

Soul Sacrifice logo

Soul Sacrifice Trailer Shows Off New Features

This trailer shows off the multiplayer and customization in game.

Soul Sacrifice Demo Coming Out December 20th!

The only catch with this demo is that it will be released on the Japanese PSN so you will have to use a Japanese account to access the demo. Really looking forward to this one though. Soul Sacrifice will be released in Japan on March 13th. While it has been confirmed for a U.S. and EU localization, there has been no exact release date yet.

Soul Sacrifice logo

E3 2012 Soul Sacrifice

* Favorite

Another good looking game for the Vita.

Soul Sacrifice Officially Announced For North America And Europe!

Now we will finally be able to sacrifice our souls overseas as well as confirmed by Sony on their blog! The games head developer is none other than Kenji Infune himself. Soul Sacrifice is for the PlayStation Vita, and the concept of the game is sacrificing your characters body parts in order to cast deadly spells. There is no release date yet, but the game will have online multiplayer with up to 4 people

I found a cool gameplay trailer below for you to see what the game is like: