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Who’s The Real Monster (Azure Update 2/9/18)


Time to hunt!

*Two music projects on the way


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*Upcoming Games I’ll Be Getting/Playing:

Code Vein – PS4 or PC (Still Undecided lol)
Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet – PS4
Bless Online – PC
Onmyoji – PC
Soul Worker Online – PC

*Winter 2018 Anime I’m Watching:

Dagashi Kashi S2
Darling In The FranXX
Death March Rapsody
Granchest Senki
Killing Bites
Miira no Kaikata
Overlord II
Violet Evergarden

Soul Worker Being Published In English!!! Beta Coming Fall 2017!

Soul Worker is finally going to be published in English! I’ve been following Soul Worker since it’s release in Korea for a few years now, and now we’ll be able to play it ourselves soon as well. This news goes hand in hand with Closers Online also being released in English as well. The beta for Soul Worker is supposed to start sometime in Fall 2017. Out of the two I was actually looking forward to Soul Worker a little more because I’ve both seen and heard that it’s combat is one of the best in an online MMO being fast and fluent as well as looking very nice. Looks like we won’t have long to wait before we can get our hands on it ourselves and enjoy. Check out the trailers below:

Soul Worker Coming To North America And Europe

So I heard that Soul Worker is finally getting localized and I’m very happy since it feels like I’ve been waiting forever for it. Apparently it’s being published by Gameforge. Now I haven’t really played anything published by them I don’t think and I haven’t heard much about them either, but as long as they do a good job I’ll be okay with it. I love playing anime type games when they have a certain style to them, and Soul Worker has that appearance to me. Now only if we could get Closers over here too…….

Here’s some gameplay of Soul Worker and more information from STEPARU:

New 2014 Soul Worker Gameplay Trailer!

I’ve been keeping an eye on this for a few years now, and I have to say it’s looking really good. Here’s the latest 2014 gameplay trailer:

Soul Worker!

I have been waiting for this for a while and will be playing this when It comes out. =^_^=