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A Mixture Of Things {AzureNova Update June 2016}

So in this post I’ll cover a few things.

First is there reason there haven’t been many posts here on Epicly Amazing. I’ve been playing video games. Yup. That’s it. I actually plan to start Livestreaming Tales Of Zestieria soon so look forward to that if interested.

Second is Anime Of The Week. So for the Spring 2016 Anime Season Anime Of The Week has pretty much just been Re;Zero. One time it was Stray Dogs, and another it was Hero Academy, but still mostly Re;Zero for this season.

Yes, more posts will definitely be on the way with E3 2016 right around the corner. They’ve actually been revealing and leaking a lot of games early so there will be lots of good things being posted soon. I think I’ll start doing that this upcoming weekend.

I guess that’s it for this update, but it surely won’t be the last.


God Eater Resurrection And God Eater 2: Rage Burst Out In June and August

I’m really excited for these releases as I love the God Eater series, but first let me clarify a few things:

God Eater Resurrection (PS4 / Vita) will ONLY be available digitally in North America while it will be available both digitally and physical in Europe. God Eater 2: Rage Burst (PS4) however WILL be available physically in North America AND will also come with a digital code to download God Eater Resurrection.

So basically it’s better to wait for Rage Burst to come out on the Playstation 4 in August and buy it then with a free code to download the first game God Eater Resurrection.

God Eater Resurrection will be out June 28th on the Playstation Store while God Eater 2: Rage Burst will follow on August 30th. Both games are only digital for the Vita, but will also be coming out for PC as well on August 30th.

God Eater Day One Edition

Tales Of Zertiria Anime TV Special

Animation by Ufoatable = Awesome lol. The special aired December 30th on Japanese TV, but it will also be streamed on January 2nd on Namco Bandai’s streaming channel.

Tales Of Xillia Shows Off Some Battle Gameplay

Tales Of Zestiria Is Looking Great!

Here’s the new 3rd PV for the game.

The First Ever Tales Of Zestiria Trailer!

The game is looking and sounding beautiful already. Both main character designs are nice, they both look and sound like they have quality personalities, the environments were beautiful, and they actually showed a dragon at the end. The combat also looked very nice. Best Tales game confirmed lol. The two main characters names are Slay (Male Protagonist) and Alicia (Female Protagonist). It was also confirmed that Tales Of Zestiria will be a worldwide release. No exact release date has be specified at the moment though.

Namco Bandai Announces Tales Of Zestiria As The Newest Tales Game

Tales Of Zestiria Logo

Tales Of Zestiria has no release date yet, but I do know a few things about the game.

Hideo Baba, the series producer, said this Tales game will focus on Dragons, it will be very explorative, a new battle system was designed due to fan feedback, the game is looking to be a Worldwide Release, and last but not least the game is being developed for the PS3.

I’m sure we’ll get more info on the game as time goes by.