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Alright Venus Vacation. You Win.

Introducing Kanna, the 1,014-year-old Oni girl. She’s just too cute. Welp, (Proceeds to download game)

Incoming PV Flood! / Feeling Better!

I am happy to announce that my surgery was a success, and since I am feeling much better now I will get started on the Spring 2013 PV Flood today. (DONT FORGET TO REFER TO THE SPRING 2013 ANIME LIST ABOVE FOR DESCRIPTIONS)

Getting Surgery Done Tomorrow. Wish Me Luck! (STICKY POST)

The reason why I haven’t been feeling well, and for the lack of posts is because I’ve needed to have oral surgery done for a little while now, and my appointment is finally coming up tomorrow. After about a month of agonizing pain, which also made me a little sick, hopefully it will all be over with tomorrow.

As for the Anime PV Flood, I still plan to do it even if the first episodes of the Spring season start to come out because I said I would, and that’s that lol

I hope everyone else who sees this is in better shape than I am. (Damn wisdom teeth) lol