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Time and Eternity Coming To North America This Summer!

Finally! NISA is taking care of the localization, and the game is due to come out Summer 2013.Time and Eternity will be available in both physical retail and digital form for $49.99. NISA also states that they will localize and release the downloadable episodes for the game as well. Thank God we don’t have to wait an eternity to play it lol. Thank you NISA =^_^=


New TokiTowa / Time and Eternity Trailer and Limited Edition

The worlds first HD Anime game gets a new trailer showing off some more combat, and the game still looks very beautiful. I do hope they go into the combat some more in future videos. Localization please!!!! >_<

The games Limited Edition looks exquisite. I may have to import this one as well. =^_^=