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Go Sick (Music Announcement)

As of today I will be making my music downloadable again. All I ask is that you give credit where credit is due. What brought on this decision you ask? Well that’s simple. My love for music, and for everyone to be able to enjoy my music. If however anyone wants to purchase any of my music exclusively, send me an email. So in other words, Go Sick lol

Also, if you do use any of my music, feel free to send me or link or hit me up with whatever you use it for. I love seeing/hearing what my music is used for. Thank you for listening, and I hope everyone continues to enjoy the tracks I release.

P.S. I would love to hear who can flow to this track.

Sample: Gosick OST ~ Renketsu he no Kyoumei

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Azure Update 12/7/2016

In case some missed it.

Azure Update [IMPORTANT] (7/29/16)

What’s up everyone?

I have more time on my hands now that my schedule switched at work, so I’ll be up in the community more and have more time to work on music.

It seems you guys like when I sample so I’ll get back to doing that as well. My “Waiting For The Rain Sample (Remix)” hit over 1K plays in a month. That may not be impressive to some, but it’s the fastest beat that’s gotten to 1K so quickly. I’m currently working on another sampled beat that’s really good, and yes, I do take requests as I’ve been asked by a couple of people.

As for video game videos I play quite a few things at the same time on both PC and console so that’s why they’ve been slow. I will be uploading something to YouTube after I write this post though to show you what I’ve been up too.

Last but not least shout out to my fellow producers and artists. The reason why I don’t really do shout outs is because I don’t really like leaving people out if I forget to include them in the shout, but know that I didn’t forget about you in general. There are just so many of us that sometimes it’s hard to keep track of everyone’s activities. I’m sure everyone knows what I mean, but again shout too all of you especially the ones who I’m close with and talk to even if it’s just a little.

I think that about wraps this up. Much love and appreciation to all, and more stuff on the way.

Status Update (April 2016)

A status update from AzureNova.

Video Incoming!!!

AzureNova will be releasing a special video in a few hours.

Look forward to it.


Interlude (Prod. By AzureNova) [Announcement In Description]

Something to listen to while you wait for Date A (Remix) on the 16th, as well as other projects.

Officially announcing that music releases will be a bit spaced out as I’m taking some time to work on main projects that I’ve wanted to finish. Halloween 2015, Fantasy World 2, etc….. With that said, enjoy and look forward to what is to come. Thanks for listening =)

Gal Gun: Double Peace Worldwide Release!

Yes! It happened! Inti Creates is releasing Gal Gun: Double Peace worldwide. No release date yet, but they did officially announce it. Very happy about this lol


I’m glad I let them know I wanted it as fan support is the major reason why they announced it’s release so soon. Here’s the link to my Tweet to them below: