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Posts And An Announcement This Weekend

I apologize for the lack of posts here on Epicly Amazing, but there is a good reason for this besides procrastination lol

Spring 2014 Anime Picks Out This Weekend / Happy Belated Easter

Just as the title says. This upcoming weekend I should have my picks list out. Currently this season is either 2 or 3 episodes in, and I know what I’m going to continue to watch.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter!

Infinite Stratos Houki Bunny Girl Infinite Stratos Charlotte Bunny Girl Infinite Stratos Cecilia Bunny Girl Infinte Stratos Rin Bunny Girl Infinite Stratos Laura Bunny Girl Infinite Stratos Tabane Bunny Girl Infinite Stratos Chifuyu & Maya Bunny Girls

ANIME BOSTON! / Upcoming Posts

So I’m headed off to Anime Boston today so there won’t be many posts for the rest of the week until the convention is over. I will however tell you what’s in store for EpiclyAmazing:

  • Xbox One & PS4 Reveal Thoughts
  • Trailers For Upcoming Games
  • Summer 2013 Anime
  • What Games I’m Currently Playing
  • New Music
  • Etc…. lol

And there you have it. Posts will resume when I get back. I might even post some Anime Boston pics as well =)

Holiday Break / Upcoming Posts

I took a bit off for the holidays, but just wanted to let you all know that posts will resume soon. Here is a gist of some major posts and when as we progress into the new year:

  • Anime Of The WeekSometime tomorrow (29th)
  • Fall 2012 Anime Season Wrap UpNext week when I beleive most of the Fall series have finished (Subject to change)
  • Special New Years Post –¬†New Years Day, look forward too it (The 1st)
  • Gravity Rush ReviewYes I finally beat it today lol
  • Winter 2013 Anime PicksAfter at least 2 episodes of each anime are out, and I’ve watched them lol

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. =^_^=

Upcoming Posts!

I’ve been doing quite a lot lately and the results have been awesome. These are some upcoming posts to look for coming within the week:

1. Resident Evil 6 Review

2. Fall 2012 Anime Picks (Highly Anticipated lol)

3. Code Of Princess Overview (Just bought it recently)

4. New manga I’m reading

5. Dead or Alive 5 Review

So there you have it. Just thought I should give a heads up for those major posts. Until then, see ya! =^_^=

Upcoming Weekend Plans!

Now that I’m finished with classes for the week I can get back to our beloved internet world and start posting again lol. Posts will commence again starting tomorrow and here are some topics that will be upcoming:

1) Anime Of The Week usually I do on Wednesdays but will be delayed until tomorrow due to me having to work “sigh”

2) The Tokyo game show is this week so hopefully there will be some good stuff to post on that as well¬† The Tokyo Game Show is NEXT WEEK on the 20th. I got my dates mixed up. This week is Nintendo’s special Wii U event on the 13th so hopefully there will be good stuff to post about that.

3) The one you’ve all been waiting for………… Incoming PV Flood of the Fall 2012 anime season. I don’t plan on going anywhere this weekend so I’ll start the flood on Saturday.

Thanks for being patient and I’ll have good stuff to come. For now, goodnight everyone.

P.S. It looks like there will be quite a few good anime to watch this Fall =^_^=

Blade & Soul Official Open Beta Trailer

Open beta has finally started for Blade & Soul in Korea and they celebrated with an official open beta trailer. This news may not seem like much to some, but think about it this way. This means that the game is pretty much done, and they can start localizing to other regions of the world soon. =^_^=