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Code Vein Network Test! Character Creation {Part 1 & 2}

I got into the Code Vein Network Test! The character creation is broken up into two parts because the recording time on the PS4 is limited to 1 hour. (Yes I spend hours on character creation lol). A big thank you to Bandai Namco and the Code Vein Team for inviting me and hosting the network test. Here’s to hoping you all enjoy my creative process of my Revenant. The Test runs from May 30th to June 3rd.

Azure Will Die More Than Twice

I started playing Sekiro lol. Enjoy the first episode:

Soul Worker Being Published In English!!! Beta Coming Fall 2017!

Soul Worker is finally going to be published in English! I’ve been following Soul Worker since it’s release in Korea for a few years now, and now we’ll be able to play it ourselves soon as well. This news goes hand in hand with Closers Online also being released in English as well. The beta for Soul Worker is supposed to start sometime in Fall 2017. Out of the two I was actually looking forward to Soul Worker a little more because I’ve both seen and heard that it’s combat is one of the best in an online MMO being fast and fluent as well as looking very nice. Looks like we won’t have long to wait before we can get our hands on it ourselves and enjoy. Check out the trailers below:

Travis Strikes Again!

New No More Heroes game announced for the Switch to be released next year! Getting a Switch as soon as I can lol. Man this trailer is awesome!

Paladins and Pals

RayukaGaming and I play some Paladins. Wu Fing also joins us as well. Enjoy.


Nep-Nep Connect: Chaos Chanpuru Opening Song!

Freakin love this opening song!

Status Update (April 2016)

A status update from AzureNova.

Video Incoming!!!

AzureNova will be releasing a special video in a few hours.

Look forward to it.


New Atelier Sophie Trailer

The Atelier games have always looked nice, but Sophie’s art style is extremely beautiful.

Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Gets Policeman Costumes

Eliza The Vampire Bleeds Into Tekken Revolution This Month

Eliza was announced quite a while ago, and now she’ll finally be available when this month’s December update hits. You can check her out in her trailer above. Looks like I’ll be starting up Tekken again for bit. Eliza is a character I can sink my teeth into =P. And yes, her boobs do get bigger as she sucks blood lol.

Tekken Revolution is a FREE download for the Playstation 3 on the PSN for those who are interested.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth Video Introduces New Characters

Re;Birth 1 for the Vita is looking really good. Now all we need is a localization announcement and we’ll be set.

Persona 3 Movie Trailer

Looking and sounding good.

There’s No Crime In Watching This Criminal Girls Invitaion Video

That “Punishment System” lol. Not sure if they’ll do anything about that, but I love to see this released outside of Japan. Loved the music in this trailer as well, especially at the end =^_^=

A New Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles Trailer

New season, new resolve. Gonna try to post something new everyday starting with this trailer.

33 Minutes Of Bravely Default For The Sequel!

Bravely Default For The Sequel is to be localized early next year for the 3DS, and Square-Enix has released a lengthy video comparing the original Bravely Default Flying Fairy and For The Sequel. Take a look below.

Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles HD Coming To The West In 2014!

It’s happening. =)

Skullgirls Characters Cost $250k To Make

We all know that creating characters is an expensive process, but I never really knew HOW expensive it really was lol. Skullgirs is a really fun fighting game, and was so worth the buy. If you watched the video you know their situation, and can head over here to show your support:

Soul Sacrifice Trailer Shows Off New Features

This trailer shows off the multiplayer and customization in game.

Here’s How The Controller Works In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Beta started yesterday, and here is a demonstration of how the controller functions in the game.

Sony Teasing Something For February 20th!

Sony recently released a video and tweeted a slogan saying “See the future” along with a date of February 20th. What could this mean. Perhaps a tease of the PS4?

Bayonetta 2 Announced / Trailer!

Nintendo and Platinum Games have announced that they are working on Bayonetta 2, however it will be a Wii U EXCLUSIVE. This fact does not bother me one bit. Sure there are a lot of complaints around the net about this issue, BUT it doesn’t make any sense to complain about something that probably wouldn’t exist in the first place if they didn’t partner up to make a sequel out of an amazing game.

The producers themselves have said that this is indeed a true sequel to the PS3 & 360 original Bayonetta and are excited about working on one of their most beloved titles.

I for one am very excited to play this and here is a trailer that may convince you as well.

Sol Trigger Opening

Imageepoch would be crazy not to localize Sol Trigger! Here’s to hoping it does!