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Posts And An Announcement This Weekend

I apologize for the lack of posts here on Epicly Amazing, but there is a good reason for this besides procrastination lol

Posts Out Tomorrow


Weekend Updates! (I’m Back!)

It’s been a while since I posted here, but I’m going to make it easier to work around my schedule. From now on I’ll mostly post on weekends when I have time to just relax. Fall is approaching quickly, and classes are going to start again soon, so I wanted to announce this beforehand. Basically posts will resume shortly, and I’ll get back to posting like I used to. I didn’t post last weekend though because I hung out with friends. We had a good time. Can’t you tell lol:

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Posts Tomorrow

I won’t be going anywhere tomorrow so I can just relax and take it easy which means posts will be coming out. Anime picks for the Summer season will be out by Sunday.

Posts This Weekend

I’ve got some stuff.

Posts Out Tomorrow

This has been a busy and tiring week. Posts will be out tomorrow though. Anime of the Week and all.

Beelzebub Tired

I’ve Breaked Long Enough.

Yup. Posts coming this weekend. Seriously.

Spring 2014 Anime Picks Out This Weekend / Happy Belated Easter

Just as the title says. This upcoming weekend I should have my picks list out. Currently this season is either 2 or 3 episodes in, and I know what I’m going to continue to watch.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter!

Infinite Stratos Houki Bunny Girl Infinite Stratos Charlotte Bunny Girl Infinite Stratos Cecilia Bunny Girl Infinte Stratos Rin Bunny Girl Infinite Stratos Laura Bunny Girl Infinite Stratos Tabane Bunny Girl Infinite Stratos Chifuyu & Maya Bunny Girls

I Bidoof’d

I bidoofed

So it’s come to my realization that I forgot to do an Anime Of The Week last week. I apologize for that, and the slow week this week. Having to do school work again sukcs -_-. I’ll have posts up this weekend.

Winter 2014 Anime Picks Out This Weekend!

We have a nice 3 day weekend coming up, and I plan on spending it relaxing at home lol. With that said I’ll get to completing my Winter 2014 Anime Picks. It’ll be out sometime this weekend. Thanks for waiting =)

Anime Of The Week Will Be Coming Out

Last week I didn’t do anime of the week because some episodes didn’t air and in the midst of waiting for them to air I forgot to do Anime Of The Week lol. This week I didn’t forget, but it will be coming out late due to me having a lot to do. I’m actually about to head out right now, but just wanted to take the time to announce this. Sometime today or tomorrow I’ll have it out. For those who look forward to it every week, thanks for being patient =)

Enjoying The Weekend.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I’m simply enjoying this holiday weekend and taking it easy. Posts will pick up again during the week.

What I’ve Been Doing So Far This Weekend

What I have been doing so far this weekend is playing Resident Evil 6 and loving it. Also I have downloaded the first episodes of all the new anime that have come out so far and plan to watch those later tonight. So rest assure that there will be new posts to come =)

Summer 2012 Anime Season Wrap Up Coming Soon!

Ah, finally the week is over. Since I don’t have much planned for this weekend and just want to relax at home you can expect the wrap up post out by Sunday. Until later, goodnight all =)

Incoming PV Flood!

The Summer 2012 anime season is right around the corner and that means it’s time for PV posts. Basically this will be an anime PV weekend so look forward to it =)

Was Busy lol

Posts are hella late due to me playing video games. Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been beaten and I couldn’t have loved it any more, it was an awesome game and I’ll have to do a review of it soon. Also, I’ve been playing TERA Online’s closed beta that only runs on the weekends until its launch on May 1st. That has also kept me a little busy, and boy is TERA ever fun, great community too. This week I’ll be back on schedule tho with more posts and last weeks Anime Of The Week will be out too, and this weeks should be out by Wednesday. I hope everyone is having a good weekend, and I’ll talk to you guys later. Back to TERA for me =^_^=

Wikipedia: TERA Online: The Exiled Realm of Arborea

Anime Of The Week 12/9 – 12/11…….. Ben-To!

I usually watch anime on the weekends, and this past weekend Ben-to Episode 10 had the most impact. While I won’t spoil what actually happened, I can just say that NO ONE expected that to happen. To find out what really happened you’ll just have to watch it yourself lol. WARNING: Click for picture, but it contains SPOILERS! (more…)

Slow News Weekend

I’ve been looking, but can’t really find anything news worthy to tell about. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to bring you some good stuff. Goodnight everyone. =)