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Persona 4: The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena Overview

Yes! I finally got myself together and wrote a review/overview. Its been a while, I know lol. =P

*Note that I have only played the game online so far and am just going over the combat*

Ah Persona. The Persona games have been one of my favorite series for as long as I can remember and Persona 4: Arena is no exclusion.
Now most people might think that P4A (Persona 4: Arena) is “just another fighting game”, but I can proudly tell you that is not the case. With both ATLUS and the BlazBlue team having worked on the game it is very fast paced and combat is very fluent. Connection status while playing online was extremely well done as the game syncs up both players connection before you start fighting so there is no lag, well at least not for me there hasn’t been.
Controls and combos are very easy to get down and execute for the most part, and each characters’ fighting styles are unique. Timing your moves in P4A is very crucial as well as it can mean victory or defeat depending on the situation you’re in or who you’re against. Persona 4: Arena has a unique feature during combat that I love where you pretty much have to fight your opponent or your character receives negative stats that hinder you in battle. Not that there is any room for cheesiness anyway, because none of the characters were really built for that for the most part. You can customize rooms for you and your friends to play in or just look for quick matches and dive right into the action.
The music in the game is awesome. It always amazes me how they come up with some of the music for the Persona games as it is fun to listen to and different. The music you hear during battle depends on the level you are fighting on.
Now cost wise some may say that $60 is still a bit much to pay just for a fighting game, BUT let me tell you this. I have owned and played many fighting games (Dead or Alive, Tekken, BlazBlue series, Marvel vs Capcom series, Darkstalkers, Guilty Gear series, Street Fighter series, etc…) most of which I played got bored of and traded back in. Persona however does things very right and I feel was worth it because of the amount of fun I am having with it. Even if you don’t necessarily like the Persona series, Persona 4: Arena is a good fighting game nonetheless and is worth a try =)