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Anime Of The Week 1/25 – 1/27……… OreShura Ep 4 & Psycho Pass Ep 14

Anime Of The Week is back and here’s the first one of the season. (more…)

Anime Of The Week WILL Be Out Later Today.

Just a bit busy today getting taxes done and other appointments, but Anime Of The Week will be out. Thank you for being patient =)

New Music – Traptastic

Was just feeling kinda traptastic today, so here’s a full version for you. Enjoy!

Traptastic (Prod. By AzureNova)

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Pre-order Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance At Amazon For Inferno Armor / Demo Out Now

This time around I’ve decided to go with Amazon for my pre-order of Metal Gear Rising. The demo is out now for those who would like to try it out before deciding to buy as well. The Gamestop pre-order bonus, the Fox Blade & Cyborg Ninja Skin, just didn’t seem all that appealing to me. Here is a video highlighting the Inferno Armor:

Winter 2013 Anime Picks!

The time has finally come! Here are my Winter 2013 Anime Picks. On a side note, Anime Of The Week will be back on schedule next week. (more…)

Check Out Passion Lip In Fate/Extra CCC Trailer

I don’t think I’d mind being hugged by Passion Lip. Mmmmmmm =^_^=

New Music – Voyager (Remix) & High Life (Remix)

It’s time for some Daft Punk!

Voyager (Remix) (Prod. By AzureNova)

High Life (Remix) (Prod. By AzureNova)

Check Out Fate/Extra CCC’s Opening

Here’s a look at the opening for Fate/Extra CCC animated by studio SHAFT. Studio SHAFT is one of my favorites. They are responsible for doing series such as Bakemonogatari, etc., etc. lol

Three Metal Gear Rising Trailers Showing Off Raiden’s Suit, Locations, And Zandatsu Ability

I’m probably going to pick this up first thing when it comes out. Developed by Kojima and Platinum Games, it looks like it’s going to be a great action game.

Raiden’s Suit:


Zandatsu Ability:

Winter 2013 Anime Picks Out On Saturday

Yup. It’s being worked on right now and will be out by the end of the week.

Enjoy This Awesome Killer Is Dead Trailer With English Subtitles

Killer Is Dead is slated to come out later this year in all regions but hits Japan first this summer. Either way here is a nice trailer to hold you over till then.

Enjoying The Weekend.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I’m simply enjoying this holiday weekend and taking it easy. Posts will pick up again during the week.

New Music – 8-bit R&B

Something I made a long time ago. Enjoy the full version of this =)

8-bit R&B (Prod. By AzureNova)

Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns – Lumina

Take a look at Lumina in Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns. She is described as a frenemy and dons a gothic lolita style. Damn you Square! You know my love for pink hair and gothic lolita know no bounds lol.

Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns - Lumina

Pandora’s Tower Coming To North America In Spring!

Yes! It’s finally happened! Operation Rainfall was a complete success and we will be getting Pandora’s Tower this Spring in the U.S.. Xseed is the one publishing it. No news on an exact release date, but I will update you when I know.

Pandoras Tower Pandora's Tower 1920_1200

Check Out Caster In Fate/Extra CCC Trailer

That music, that voice, that look, and that rac…….er I mean……..crap. Don’t look at me like that. Yeah, caster is still my favorite =^_^=

Fall 2012 Anime Wrap Up!

Yes, I’ve finally done it lol. Here are my thoughts and opinions on some of the anime which ended with the Fall 2012 Anime Season. As with my other wrap ups each series is graded on what they are and what they were meant to do and how well they did it without being compared to anything but themselves and how enjoyable they were. (more…)

New Music – Bounce!

Here’s your dose of AzureNova produced music. Enjoy.

Bounce! (Prod. By AzureNova)

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Coming Worldwide This October!

I’m sure most of you know about this already, but here are the announcement trailers for the newest installments in the Pokemon series for the Nintendo 3DS this Fall.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Long Announcement Trailer:

Short Pokemon X and Y Announcement Trailer:

Fall 2012 Anime Wrap Up Update……….. Again Lol

I said it would be out this week and it will. Maybe Friday if I get it done earlier, but definitely by Saturday. Thanks for being patient =)

Fall 2012 Anime Season Wrap Up Update

I’m working on it. That is all lol. =P

New Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Trailer Shows New Opening and What Happened To Our Heroes

*Note: The A Realm Reborn opening starts at 5:25 to save you some time.

Square-Enix just released this new lengthy trailer that shows us the new opening for A Realm Reborn and what happens after our heroes are teleported away from sure destruction. It may start out the same as the end of the world trailer, but it is indeed different towards the end. Enjoy =^_^=

Robotics;Notes Second Season Trailer! (Second Half Of Anime)

This trailer was actually really intense and shows us what’s to come starting next week. After seeing this trailer I am really hyped and looking forward to it.

New Music – Why? Because I’m Evil & Sorrow

Descriptions of the videos are posted on Youtube. Hope you enjoy =^_^=


Why? Because I’m Evil