So Awesome It Makes You Wanna Cry


Visual Novel Tokyo Babel Is Getting Localized

I want this. Tokyo Babel looks cool as it’s about Heaven and Hell colliding. No release date yet, but the announcement has been made.

Manga I’m Currently Reading

Its been quite a while since I’ve done a manga post, but here it is. I’ve recently picked up these few manga, and am enjoying them. Some of them only have a few chapters out:

Recent Manga

  • Renai Boukun
  • Horimiya
  • Real PG
  • The Lunatic Taker
  • Aphorism

Ongoing Manga I’ve Been Reading

  • Toraneko Folklore
  • Hakoiri Devil Princess
  • Baka and Boing
  • Onikirisama No Hakoirimusume
  • Yandere Kanojo
  • Himekei Doll
  • Witch Hunter

Recomendation Time!

So I finished all of Ninja Girls last night, and I loved all of it to the very end. If you like reading manga then give it a look because it was a good, fun story.

Ninja Girls

Also I’ve started watching anime that I’ve already had downloaded on my computer for a while, and finished watching Tayutama Kiss On My Deity last night which was good as well. Tayutama came out in 2009, so yes its been on my computer for 3 years just waiting to be finished lol. I just had to watch the last 4 Eps though so it wasn’t that much lol.

Tayutama Kiss On My Deity

Tayutama left me with a taste for a good romance story so even though I should be watching the first season of Horizon, I started watching Otome Youkai Zakuro or Spirit Girl Zakuro. Whichever one you like using is fine. Either way it is a good anime and I am already on episode 5 lol.

Otome Youkai Zakuro

Time to Liven Things Up!

Ok, I know the site has been lackinga little recently, and I want to put a stop to that. With that said, I want to share with you the things that are coming soon:

  • Winter 2012 Anime List
  • Winter 2012 Anime PVs (I’ll post as many as I can find)
  • Anime Episode Of The Week
  • Games I’m Currently Playing (This is where a lot of my time goes as well besides anime lol)
  • Weekly Discussion (Yes I would like to hear your thoughts and ideas on things if you wish to)
  • Anime I Should Watch (If I haven’t seen it already, your suggestions for anime)
  • More Video Game Reviews (Good/Bad ones lol)

I am only one person who works on both sites (EpiclyAmazingHentai) so thank you for baring with me, and I appreciate all those who visit my sites and hope that you will continue to have a good time when you do. =^_^=

Imaginary Range 2

Square-Enix has announced that they are working on Imaginary Range 2. While they haven’t announced a release date yet they said it isn’t far off, and have a few screenshots to show for it:

Reviews Coming Soon

If you thought I was just being lazy and haven’t posted in a while, you’re only half way right lol. In order to do reviews you have to actually analyze the things you want to review, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing, well mostly. Video game and Fall anime reviews coming soon. I know this post isn’t much after its been a while, so I give you these pics to go along with this statement. Thank you for being patient. =)

Manga Time!

This is the first manga post I’ve done since starting this site, so lets make this a good one. (more…)

Imaginary Range

After many years of use my Zune finally died, and with Microsoft announcing that the Zune is discontinued I decide to go with an iPod Touch. On the iOS market there is a game called Imaginary Range by Square Enix which I highly recommend if you have an Apple (Insert Name Here) product. Imaginary Range is a interactive manga game in full color like no other. From its unique story, likeable characters, mini games, and vivid artwork there should be something for everyone to like about it.