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Weekend Updates! (I’m Back!)

It’s been a while since I posted here, but I’m going to make it easier to work around my schedule. From now on I’ll mostly post on weekends when I have time to just relax. Fall is approaching quickly, and classes are going to start again soon, so I wanted to announce this beforehand. Basically posts will resume shortly, and I’ll get back to posting like I used to. I didn’t post last weekend though because I hung out with friends. We had a good time. Can’t you tell lol:

20150823_095738[1] 20150823_190439[1]

Gal Gun: Double Peace Worldwide Release!

Yes! It happened! Inti Creates is releasing Gal Gun: Double Peace worldwide. No release date yet, but they did officially announce it. Very happy about this lol


I’m glad I let them know I wanted it as fan support is the major reason why they announced it’s release so soon. Here’s the link to my Tweet to them below:

Dark Souls 3 Gameplay And A Boss Fight! (Gamescom)

Day one I say. Day one.

16 Minute Gameplay

Boss Battle

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Gamescom 2015 Trailer!

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has a new trailer out, and it looks great. I have no problem with what I saw, and cannot wait. Mirrors Edge comes out next year on February 23rd, 2016.

Trigger Project Announcement!

Originally I was going to release it August 1st, but Arcane (Also a member of O.S.T.) is releasing a major project that day. To give our projects space I’ll be releasing Trigger the weekend after. While Arcane’s project is a major one, mine is just a small “Put together because I was bored” type project. I apologize for the delay, but that’s that lol. Make sure you check out Arcane’s page here for his project on the 1st as it will be a good one:



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