So Awesome It Makes You Wanna Cry


A Very Lovely Trailer For DEATH STORY

That trailer was beautiful. I loved the song and feels it gave off , the gameplay looked pretty nice, and the characters looked awesome. I think I’ll be Kickstarting this one. Their Kickstarter page and STEAM page can be found here if you wish to back the game and support: DEATH STORY¬†Kickstarter / DEATH STORY¬†On STEAM

Magical X Spiral

A new fun game from Sekai Project ^_^

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Launch Trailer

I played the demo last year at the New York Anime Festival, and it was great. The time has almost come for us to run again.

I Am Setsuna E3 2016 Trailer!

It looks so good! Comes out on July 19 in both North America and Europe for those looking forward to playing it.


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