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Azure Will Die More Than Twice (Part 2) (PC)

Watch me die a whole lot more for the second time. Oh, and we beat a boss so I guess that’s nice too.

Azure Plays: Dark Souls 3 (The Ringed City DLC) Ep 1 (Halloween 2018 Stream)

It’s Halloween again. Time to play some Dark Souls ^_^

Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel DLC Announced!

On October 25th, it’s time to die again. It costs $14.99 for Ashes of Ariandel alone or you can pay $24.99 for the season pass which will also include the second expansion when it releases early 2017. I think you know which is the better deal lol.

Resident Evil 6 Remastered (PS4) ~ Jake & Sherry Campaign (The Conclusion)

And they all lived happily ever after. The end.

Check out Rayuka’s channel here: RayukaGaming

The Jake & Sherry Massacre (Resident Evil 6 Remastered (PS4) Jake & Sherry Campaign Part 2)

So. Much. Death.

Check out Rayuka’s channel here: RayukaGaming

Dark Souls III Shadows Ahead Trailer

I loved what they did with this. Excited for it as ever.

Satoru Iwata / Future Posts

I’m sure most of you have heard by now, but Satoru Iwata, the President of Nintendo, passed away recently due to cancer. This was sudden and affected many people as seen all across the Internet. He did a great job as president and I hope the one who succeeds him does as well. He will be missed.

Also, I did upload some videos to YouTube. I forgot to specify that in my last post. I will also upload them here as I meant to, but was unexpectedly out of the house this past weekend. More videos on the way, and my anime picks for the Summer season will be out this upcoming weekend too.

Anime Of The Week 8/22 – 8/24…….. Akame ga Kill Ep 8

A little late, but I was tired yesterday lol. WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! (more…)

Anime Of The Week 8/8 – 8/10…….. Akame ga Kill Ep 6

Akame ga Kill wins this week hands down. Sadly, we lost someone. WARNING: Massive Spoiler Ahead! (more…)

Anime Of The Week 2/21 – 2/23…….. Hamatora Ep 7

Yup. Hamatora this week. WARNING: MASSIVE SPOILER AHEAD  (more…)

Anime Of The Week 12/6 – 12/8…….. Valvrave The Liberator S2 Ep 21


Valvrave The Liberator S2 definitely wins this week. (more…)

Anime Of The Week 11/15 – 11/17…….. Galilei Donna Ep 6, Arpeggio Of Blue Steel: Ars Nova Ep 7, Kill La Kill Ep 7

Gonna drop the WARNING on you guys because of Galilei Donna pics, but Here are this weeks anime of the week. (more…)

Death Match Love Comedy (D.M.L.C.)

Death, romance, love, and comedy all in one. This smartphone game may sound a little weird, but sounds interesting.

Apparently the main character has a hallucination that shows him dying in an explosion. There’s also a pink cat that tells him “You’ll really die” the next time. So there’s that and dealing with the confessions of women which I believe can lead to your death as well lol.

Anime Of The Week 5/3 – 5/5…….. Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) Ep 5

Yet again Attack On Titan doesn’t fail to impress this week. WARNING: MASSIVE SPOILERS INSIDE!!! (more…)

Anime Of The Week 2/8 – 2/10…….. Robotics;Notes Ep 16

This week Robotics;Notes takes Anime Of The Week alone. WARNING: Spoilers Ahead (more…)

More Corpse Party

If you thought the 1st trailer was bad, here’s another. This is a day 1 download 4 me. Can’t wait to enter that school full of murdered lolis ^_^