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Anime Boston Pictures!

Anime Boston was a lot of fun. This was the first time I’ve been back in two years, and it was great. Lets see if you can spot AzureNova in all of the pics lol =P

  • Her cosplay was awesome, and she was hot so I had to get some pictures

20130524_133214 20130524_133313

  • Best Ms. Fortune Ever! =^_^=


  • I was AzureKyubey for a day, and was down with all the magical girls XD. As well as some others lol.

20130525_152926 20130525_153728 20130525_155125 20130525_185053 20130525_185058 20130525_144446 20130525_154117

  • Things wouldn’t be the same without some Final Fantasy in the mix. Awww yeah =P

20130526_153340 20130526_153327 20130525_172414 20130525_172333 20130524_182940 20130524_143925

  • Morgiana and Noel as well =)

20130524_191334 20130525_190259

  • Some Attack On Titan & Sword Art Online fighting going on lol

20130526_152859 20130526_153218 20130526_152804 20130526_152754

  • Shura from Blue Exorcist!


  • This guy was hilarious! As he was posing he was literally saying in a deep man voice “I’m Buttercup” XD

20130525_165031 20130525_165022

  • I have to start getting ready for work so here are all the rest of the pictures. Hope you enjoyed them. I know I did lol ^_^

20130525_174501 20130525_174453 20130525_170240 20130524_183854 20130524_182525 20130525_173029 20130525_171452

PS4 & Xbox One Conference Thoughts

So we’ve all or most of us have seen the two conferences presented by Sony and Microsoft. While Sony didn’t actually show us a system they highlighted the features of what the system can do. Microsoft on the other hand actually had a product to show, and showed off features as well.

Lets start with Sony. To sum up Sony’s conference, it pretty much went like this:


  • The Cloud feature to stream games across (PS3 games, PS2 games, etc…)
  • The controller has a touch pad now
  • Indie games developers like the system a lot
  • It actually plays games lol
  • The Playstation Vita can be used hand in hand with the PS4 (For those who have one. NOT mandatory)


  • There was no system to look at
  • No price was mentioned
  • Isn’t backwards compatible

Now for Microsoft and the Xbox One:


  • Voice command option
  • Comes with Kinect
  • Has a plethora of television related options


  • Not really that many game related features
  • Isn’t backwards compatible
  • Has to be always connected to the internet
  • Mostly caters to the TV and not games or gamers

That was pretty much it for both conferences. The one thing that was disappointing about both was that no price was mentioned. I know that E3 is only a little while away, but they could’ve given us a hint a a price range at least.

Also, I’m gonna come right out and say it………..

What the heck were you thinking Microsoft!? That presentation was less about a new game system and more about the new high tech cable box you invented. I REALLY hope you have more to show off at E3 this year because at this point, while I was getting one anyway, it looks like I’ll ONLY be getting a PS4.

And with that, this concludes AzureNova’s thoughts on the next gen conferences. Now to wait for E3 =)

Anime Of The Week 5/24 – 5/26…….. Devil Survivor 2 Ep 8, Valvrave The Liberator Ep 7, Date A Live Ep 8, Attack On Titan Ep 8 & ROMCOM (Yahari Ore no Seishun) Ep 8

There were quite a few good episodes this week, and some contain some pretty massive spoilers. WARNING: CONTAINS MASSIVE SPOILERS (more…)

Back In Action!

Things should go back to normal starting tomorrow on Epicly Amazing. Sorry to keep you all waiting, but I’m back now =)

ANIME BOSTON! / Upcoming Posts

So I’m headed off to Anime Boston today so there won’t be many posts for the rest of the week until the convention is over. I will however tell you what’s in store for EpiclyAmazing:

  • Xbox One & PS4 Reveal Thoughts
  • Trailers For Upcoming Games
  • Summer 2013 Anime
  • What Games I’m Currently Playing
  • New Music
  • Etc…. lol

And there you have it. Posts will resume when I get back. I might even post some Anime Boston pics as well =)

Anime Of The Week 5/10 – 5/12 (Late Edition)…….. To Aru Kagaku no Raigun S Ep 5, Henneko (Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko) Ep 5 & Attack On Titan Ep 6

Here’s last weeks Anime Of The Week as promised. I’ll keep descriptions short because late lol.

First we have Railgun S because Misaka meets Misaka, and boy was that something lol


Second Henneko gets a mention because the episode was funny, and the giant cat statue that grants wishes can only lead to trouble somehow.


Last but not least Attack On Titan again because we learn of Misaka’s past, and it wasn’t a pretty one.


Anime Of The Week Update! / I’m Back!

Sorry for the delay on Anime Of The Week 5/10 – 5/12, but I just got home from visiting relatives out of state not too long ago. I will get last weeks Anime Of The Week out soon. If not today then definitely tomorrow. Srry for the wait, and don’t worry it’s not just Attack On Titan again lol =P