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Infinite Souls! (Best Trailer Ever) lol

I swear this has to be the best trailer ever! I laughed my ass off to this one. If Infinite Souls gets localized, I will definitely be pre-ordering and picking it up first day.

A little info on the two in the video thanks to Siliconera as the source:

ChouChou Infinite is the game’s main character. She’s a self-proclaimed absolute god who dreams of world domination. ChouChou has two distinct personalities and sets of abilities.

Deal Disgaea Level Damage In Compile Hearts Infinite Souls Deal Disgaea Level Damage In Compile Hearts Infinite Souls


Altis has a halo over her head, but she is no angel. She’s a demon who was kicked out of hell and reincarnated as an angel.

Deal Disgaea Level Damage In Compile Hearts Infinite Souls Deal Disgaea Level Damage In Compile Hearts Infinite Souls

Seriously, who gets kicked out of Hell and then gets reincarnated as an Angel?! I’m so getting this game lol.

Fall Anime Picks Coming Soon

I’m almost done watching all the Fall anime episodes that are out at the moment, and lets just say that the Fall season is full of anime goodness =). More on this to come at a later date. (Not too later lol)

Imaginary Range 2

Square-Enix has announced that they are working on Imaginary Range 2. While they haven’t announced a release date yet they said it isn’t far off, and have a few screenshots to show for it:

Slow News Weekend

I’ve been looking, but can’t really find anything news worthy to tell about. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to bring you some good stuff. Goodnight everyone. =)

Dark Souls Review

The spiritual successor to Demon Souls, Dark Souls returns with all the harsh elements and dark atmosphere of the first one. For anyone who has played the first one, the controls are exactly the same so it won’t take you long to get the hang of the game a second time.

The graphics have gotten an upgrade and the environments are beautiful. Your eyes will be in such awe at the medieval wonderland, that you just might not notice that skeleton plunging his sword in your spine. Yes the skeletons have returned with new armor, weapons, and are a little less retarded this time around. Enemies in Dark Souls tend to band together to rob you of your dignity. Skeleton guards lob fire bombs at you as if they were as plentiful as air, and when you encounter them, poison rats attack you like there’s no tomorrow. As you traverse through levels you will learn that they take time and caution because danger is around every corner. Enemies aren’t the only things to watch out for. Narrow corridors, traps, falls, and pits all hinder you form obtaining you goal.

After you finally do make it through a level, you know what time it is. It’s boss time! Bosses are always supposed to be the hardest in the game, and that certainly is the case with Dark Souls. I don’t mean to spoil anything, but the third boss, The Capra Demon, needs to be mentioned. Basically the first 10 seconds of this battle will decide the outcome. As soon as the battle starts, your skills as a Dark Souls player are put on the line in an instant. Don’t worry, not all the boss battles are like this one. No, not at all. Some of the bosses just knock you off ledges constantly or squish you and kill you instantly, and that’s when I make this face:

Granted there are some bosses that are complete jokes as well. These battles are somewhat refreshing, but a little to easy. What I mean by this is if you die while fighting the Moonlight Butterfly, then you need to put the controller down and play a different game lol.

Dark Souls is a game which everyone should at least try. There are too many things to obtain and do in Dark Souls in the first play through so it has a high replay value as well. No matter how good you are at playing video games, you WILL die in Dark Souls. Even with it’s many hindrances I have never had so much fun dying and trying over and over again.

Welcome Back!

I’m back everyone, a year older and a year wiser. Posts to commence regularly tomorrow.

Happy Birthday To Me!

On October 16th years ago… I was born lol! That means it’s my birthday weekend! So if you don’t see any posts this weekend you now know why. Posts to come after festivities are over. Have a good weekend everyone. =^_^=

Level-5’s Time Travelers

Time Travelers looks nothing short of amazing! Its slated to be released next year, and its multiple platform. Lets just hope there is a localization date planned in the future too.

“Ura Omote Lovers” is one of the best songs in Project Diva Extend

This has to be my favorite song released so far! One of the many reasons why I will be getting Project Diva Extend when it’s released.

The Idolm@ster 2

I don’t care what you guys think, I love the anime and I want to play the game too lol

Reviews Coming Soon

If you thought I was just being lazy and haven’t posted in a while, you’re only half way right lol. In order to do reviews you have to actually analyze the things you want to review, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing, well mostly. Video game and Fall anime reviews coming soon. I know this post isn’t much after its been a while, so I give you these pics to go along with this statement. Thank you for being patient. =)