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Anime Of The Week 9/19 – 9/21…….. Aldnoah Zero Ep 12

Damn lol. I’m not even going to say anything. I’ll just leave you with these few pictures, and let you know that there will be a season 2. Not sure if we’ll see all of the current characters though lol. (more…)

Final Fantasy XV TGS 2014 Gameplay Trailer

It’s almost here…… and I couldn’t be more excited lol

Fall 2014 Anime List

And so it begins.


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Tokyo Game Show 2014 Trailer

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be released worldwide next year. March 17th in North America, March 19th in Japan, and March 20th in Europe.

Dead Or Alive 5: Ultimate Bunnies

Bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny.

So should I buy all the DLC now and transfer it over to Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round or just wait until it actually comes out? lol

Ushiro: The Displeased Death God

Announced back in 2008 from Level-5, the PSP horror game was canceled and instead is getting turned into a light visual novel. I really would’ve liked to play this though. It looks really good and unique.

Tales Of Xillia Shows Off Some Battle Gameplay

Posts Out Tomorrow

This has been a busy and tiring week. Posts will be out tomorrow though. Anime of the Week and all.

Beelzebub Tired

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Anime Of The Week 9/12 – 9/14…….. Akame ga Kill Ep 11

Akame ga Kill again this week. In this episode Dr. Stylish raids Night Raid HQ, and all hell breaks loose. They manage to take him out though with the help of new Night Raid members. One member we get to see in action while the other I assume we’ll get to see next episode.

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Bloody February

Bloodborne will be out February 6th, 2015 in North America and Europe, and there’s a nice collector’s edition as well. I can’t wait lol.


Phantasy Star Nova Tokyo Game Show 2014 Trailer

I’d love to play the game. If SEGA would start localizing more games that is. “Sigh”

Neverending Nightmares

Scary and creepy. Neverending Nightmare comes out September 26th for PC and OUYA.

It Is My Destiny Therefore I Must =P

Yeah….. I’ve pretty much been playing Destiny and neglecting everything else in my free time, but things will return to normal this week. Just had to get it out of my system is all lol

Midnight Destiny

Destiny Logo

For all those who pre-ordered DESTINY, remember that it’s a MIDNIGHT RELEASE (At Gamestop) if you’re up for it. Destiny is to be released 9/9/2014, which is tomorrow, 11 hours from now. The beta while short was fun, and I’m hoping that the rest of the game feels the same as well.

Anime Of The Week 8/29 – 8/31…….. Aldnoah Zero Ep 9

Well, fuck. (more…)

ArcheAge Open Beta And Launch Date

ArcheAge is a new F2P MMO (Free To Play) coming out very soon. Open Beta actually starts on September 4th, Head Start starting on the 12th, and the game actually launching on the 16th. I’m currently playing FF14 ARR as my main MMO, but I’m also going to check this out since it’s F2P. It’s a standard “Tab to Target” game, but it’s free so what have I got to loose. Now what got me interested in actually trying it out you ask? Well this First Look video review from MMOHuts is the reason. I think he did a pretty good job of showing off and explaining things in the game. You can check out the video below and decide for yourself if the game is for you or not:

Persona 5 Announced For Both PS3 And PS4!

Now this is big news! ATLUS has announced that Persona 5 will be released on both Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 sometime in 2015. They also released a new trailer. The new main character looks cool. Can’t wait to see the rest of the characters and more of the game.

God Eater 2: Rage Burst Announced For PS4 & PS Vita

I really hope they localize more God Eater games.

Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round Announced For Spring 2015

Welp. Looks like I’ll have to buy DOA5 again eventually. Last Round was announced to be released in Spring 2015 in Japan for Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, and is also confirmed to include all the DLC characters.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 TGS 2014 Announcement Trailer

Tokyo Game Show 2014 Resident Evil Revelations 2 Concept Trailer. Coming early 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.