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Remnant: From The Ashes Releases It’s “Can You Survive” Trailer

Not sure if it’ll be cross server, but Remnant: From The Ashes launches on PC (Steam), PS4, and Xbox One this Summer on August 20th.

Tokyo Tattoo Girls

Yes this is a thing lol. For Vita and PC apparently too. lol

Anime Picks Delayed (Just A Little Bit) / Video Anime Picks

I forgot how long it actually takes to do a full picks list -_-. Still have quite a few more to write about, and the first episodes of some late starting anime just came out recently. The Summer list will be out though. I might start doing VIDEO ANIME PICKS as it would be a lot quicker, and a lot easier. Next picks list you’ll be in for a treat. To show I’m not just being completely lazy though, I have picture evidence of my Summer picks list in the works below lol:

20150719_171711[1] 20150719_171722[1]

Satoru Iwata / Future Posts

I’m sure most of you have heard by now, but Satoru Iwata, the President of Nintendo, passed away recently due to cancer. This was sudden and affected many people as seen all across the Internet. He did a great job as president and I hope the one who succeeds him does as well. He will be missed.

Also, I did upload some videos to YouTube. I forgot to specify that in my last post. I will also upload them here as I meant to, but was unexpectedly out of the house this past weekend. More videos on the way, and my anime picks for the Summer season will be out this upcoming weekend too.

Summer Comes Early In Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate

Apparently Team Ninja wants us all to play with one hand =P

These costumes will be out for the game in Japan soon.

Kokoro Connect Added To Summer 2012 Anime Picks!

I started catching up on some other anime today that I had been watching and was behind on or only watched the first or second episode of, and I must say that Kokoro Connect is very, very good. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it sure is mine, and that’s why its getting a spot in my Summer 2012 Anime Picks =^_^=

You can look at the list here: Summer 2012 Anime Picks

Natsuyuki Rendezvous PV

This sounds pretty funny and interesting. Description is in the Anime List =)

Summer 2012 Anime List!

Yep that’s right, It’s almost that time again!