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Xenoblade Chronicles X *E3 2015 Trailer*

This is an awesome trailer, especially with Hiroyuki Swano on music composition. Xenoblade Chronicles X has been and is still one of my most anticipated titles coming out soon.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Story Trailer!

Loved this trailer, and can’t wait till the games release.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Shows Off It’s Vast World In It’s Latest Exploration Trailer

Xenoblade is my most anticipated game for the Wii U right now, and it has not failed to impress at all. The World of Xenoblade looks beautiful and amazing; and I simply cannot wait to run around in it.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Trailer & Gameplay Video (E3 2014)

So hyped for this one. Here’s the official trailer, and a 44 minute E3 2014 gameplay video.

Nintendo E3 2014 Conference!

Nintendo’s E3 2014 Conference. I honestly think they did the best this year. I’ll be getting a Wii U later this year for sure. Bayonetta 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles X, and SSB here I come =^_^=